Thanks to continuous investments in human and technical resources, Tecnottica is able to provide and certify the manufacturing and the polishing of optical surfaces with the highest standards available in the optical market.


Grinding, polishing and optical centering at their best, for imaging and laser applications where you have the need to have the highest control on every single tolerance


Complete and effective controls of every single step of the manufacturing process, during the manufacturing process. Final controls of all the optical elements before and after the application of coatings


Customer care and assistance, optical design and assemblies of finished optical systems done in controlled environments


Grinding, polishing and optical centering at their best

A huge part of Tecnottica’s production is now dedicated to the manufacturing of plano and spherical optical components who require very tighten optical and geometrical tolerences; these elements are usually inserted in machine vision systems, imaging systems and in setups for laser applications.

The precision optics department, built into a separated area of our plant in Calco, has been studied in a way that can operate independently from the rest of the production. Through this philosophy Tecnottica protects and guarantees the respect of tolerances and lead times of all its product lines by differentiating his own offer directly starting from the production area itself.

Thanks to constant investments in high-tech machines, Tecnottica is able to grind, polish and center optical surfaces with the highest standard available today by the modern technology and is able to achieve optical flatness by the order of lambda/20. Optical cementings and optical centerings are completed with centering values below 30”.

Our precision optics department is equipped with:
Grinding machines:
  • Schneider OM SLG50
  • Schneider OM SLG120
  • Schneider OM SCGA100
  • LOH Spheromatic 120 SL
Polishing machines:
  • Optotech SPK100
  • Optotech SPK150
  • Schneider OM 120SL
  • Satisloh SPS125
  • Stock Konstruction RSP 20-3
  • Stock Konstruction RSP 40-2
  • Optotech HM300
Centering machines:
  • Optotech ZM200 CNC
  • Satisloh C50
  • Loh CM2 SL
Cementing station:
  • Optotech AZP2 HP


Complete and effective controls of every single step of the manufacturing process

The metrology and control department, close and directly linked to the production area, has been specifically designed in order to have a complete and effective control of all the manfuacturing processes that involve our high precision optics products. Through this philosophy, we are able to offer to our customers a wide range of products with the highest qualities, certified and guarantee by our instruments, by reducing at the same times waste and processing defects.

Tecnottica's metrology departmet is equipped with:

  • Interferometer Schneider SLI 101 equipped with hardware Zygo 4”
  • Interferometer Optotech OWI 150 XT equipped with hardware Zygo 6” and software Zygo Metro Pro
  • Interferometer XONOX VT1200 4”
  • Interferometer XONOX VT1200 6” equipped with hardware Zygo 6” and software Zygo MX
  • Transmission spheres for 4” and 6” interferometers
  • Thickness measurer XONOX CT100
  • Trioptics OptiSpheric
  • Trioptics SpheroCompact
  • Trioptics PM150MAN
  • ZEISS 50X microscope with integrated camera and analysis sofware

Thanks to our equipment, we are able to certify to our customers the following measurements:

  • Radii of curvature measurements with sub-micrometric accuracy
  • Measurements of prisms and wedges
  • Measurements of thicknesses and sagitta values
  • Measurements of EFL of single elements and complete systems
  • Measurements of resolution and MTF curve of complete systems (performed @546 nm)
  • Interferometric analysis of optical surfaces, in accordance with ISO 10110 standards
  • Cosmetic defects analysis of optical surfaces, in accordance with ISO 10110 standards


Assistance, engineering and assemblies of finished optical systems

Out of its optical manufacturing capabilities, Tecnottica offers to its customers the possibility to have a direct consultancy, through its optical designers, in optical designs and engineering services for single elements and complete optical systems. The main engineering services available are the following:

  • Optical design of imaging and lighting optical systems
  • Engineering and productions of mechanical housings for opto-mechanical integrations
  • Manufacturing and finishing of mold for optical plastic productions
  • Assemblies and certifications of finished optical systems

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