Tecnottica Consonni

Componenti ottici e lavorazioni dal 1957



Tecnottica Consonni is an optical manufacturing company being on the market since 1957. We are located in Calco, only a few kilometers from Milan, and we are specialized in the manufacturing of optical components in glass and in plastic materials as well as of finished optical systems for imaging and illumination devices. Within our facility we directly manufacture spherical lenses (for imaging and lighting applications), aspherical lenses for lighting applications, achromat doublets and triplets, Fresnel lenses, optical condensers, cylindrical lenses, optical mirrors and dichroic reflectors, light guides, prisms, optical filters, optical flats and many others.

Inside our company we use the most advanced technologies available in the optical industrial market. Starting from conventional machines up to high precision CNC automated centers, we are able to meet each of our customers’ requirements in term of qualities and optical tolerances requested. Thanks to our new metrology department, directly integrated inside our production area, we have a whole control, with the highest possible accuracy, of all the productions stages that involve the manufacturing of each optical component. In this way we are able to ensure to our customers the right geometrical characteristics, optical surface qualities and cosmetic properties requested.

The production site of Tecnottica in which we produce and test our optical elements and systems covers an area of 1700 m2 inside a recently expanded and modernized plant.

The range of products offered to our customers is one of the most varied and complex of the optical and photonics market: it involves applications ranging from imaging and lighting to optoelectronics, optomechanics, photonics, lasers, biomedical sciences and renewable energies such as solar and photovoltaics.

Out of our standard production, Tecnottica offers a wide range of complementary services, like  the application of anti-reflective and high-reflective coatings, thermal and chemical tempering of glassy substrates, engineering and modelling of imaging and lighting optical systems, construction of mechanical elements for the housing of the optics as well as assembly, testing and final certification of single and finished optical systems.

Tecnottica Consonni ultimately solves all of your problems connected to the world of optics and its applications, realizing and materializing your plans. Tecnottica Consonni is the optical state-of-the-art.