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Tecnottica's production involves different markets and applications, and for this reason is really various and complex. Starting from raw glasses and materials of different forms and kind, we are able to manufacture a wide range of polished and finished optical elements. Tecnottica succesfully works all known materials transparent in the VIS-UV-IR region: from standard optical glasses for lenses, windows and prisms, up to more precious optical glasses at high index and low dispersion, fused silica and UV/IR materials with high transmittance and efficiency. Thanks to a direct raw material acquisition service and to a huge in-house stock, we are able to shorten the production timings for the majority of our components.


All optical and Fused Silica glasses marketed by the main world producers and suitable for working in the UV-VIS-SWIR and IR regions.

Other materials available: ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, MgF2, Sapphire, Germanium, Silicon.

We also have a sector dedicated exclusively to the molding of lenses and optical components in plastic materials (mainly PMMA and PC). Specifically, we have ENGEL numerically controlled machines for molding management, with modern injection-compression technology.

The most recent version of Tecnottica's complete Zemax catalog gives the possibility to design with all the glass in our warehouse or quickly available, thus simplifying the process.


Diameter Range

  • Between Ø2,7 mm and Ø310 mm
  • Plano optics maximum diagonal 400 mm

Dimensional Tolerances

  • Linear: up tp +/-0,01 mm
  • Angular: up to +/-10 arcsec

(these tolerances may vary in function of the shapes and the geometries requested)

Available Geometries

  • Spherical and aspherical surfaces
  • Plano surfaces
  • Custom shapes upon request

Plastic Materials (also suitable for injection-molding)

  • PMMA
  • PC

Certified Surface Accuracy
Up to λ/20

Optomechanical flowchart


We usually work directly and in close contact with our customers, creating specific products modeled according to the needs and qualities required by each one.

Precisely for this reason Tecnottica does not have a real catalog, but customizes its products from time to time while maintaining adequate and firm confidentiality. Finally, to meet the most common needs of the optical and optoelectronic market, Tecnottica has a well-stocked warehouse from which to draw a series of standard and non-directly customized products successfully marketed over the years.

Below you will find a quick overview of the main products currently supplied.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you intend to submit ideas, projects, or simple suggestions relating to the creation of new elements not directly present within this site.

For all the optical surfaces created, anti-reflective treatments are available for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near infrared (SWIR and NIR) and for other specific bands or wavelengths chosen by the customer. For some particular categories of products and materials it is also possible to request physical (thermal) and chemical tempering treatments.

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