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Fresnel lenses

Fresnel lens is an optical element that can be used as an alternative to the classical optical lenses with continuous surfaces. Its principle of operation is relatively simple: starting from the assumption that the refractive power of a lens is inherent within its optical interfaces (i.e. its surface), you can remove much of the material that forms the optical surface while maintaining the curvature of the original one. A second point of view may be to consider the continuous surface of a lens as collapsed on a plane (see figure). Following this reasoning is in fact possible to discretize the form of any optical surface in a Fresnel lens. In this way we can obtain spherical,aspherical, cylindrical Fresnel lenses and so on.

Tecnottica offers to its customers two types of Fresnel lenses: glass-molded Fresnel lenses (with the possibility of having the flat back surface polished or satin) and plastic-molded Fresnel lenses. We have a large production of many kinds of Fresnel lenses, divided by their focal lenghts and geometries, and we also produce customizable Fresnel lenses in according to specific customer’s requests. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to deepen every of your needs.

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