Ball lenses

Ball lenses are optical elements able to focus or collimate the input light radiation, depending on the geometry of the source, and can be considered as two plano-convex lenses separated by a sheet of parallel planes. The two positive lenses are in fact correct in terms of spherical aberration, while the parallel planes are over-corrected and, overall, is therefore guaranteed a compensating effect. Starting from the radius R of the sphere, and considering n as its index of refraction, the focal length of a ball lens is simply given by f = R*n/2(n-1).

These lenses are essentially optical components used to improve signal coupling between optical fibers, detectors and emitters. Ball lenses are also used in endoscopy, scanning systems, as pre-form samples of spherical lenses and globally with sensors.

Tecnottica makes available to its customers a wide range of ball lenses with different radii, to meet our customers most various needs and applications.

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