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Finished optical systems

Thanks to the collaboration with the Optica Group team, Tecnottica provides to its customers the opportunity to enjoy a full and complete assistance in the planning, engineering and production of optical systems for both imaging and illumination devices. In particular, you can receive full support for the integration and the subsequent industrialization of any optical element or group even in pre-existing systems. The customer is in fact guided and assisted in all phases before and after the optimization of the product as well as in its production and assembly. Together with the Optica Group team, we offer complete assistance in the optical, optoelectronic and optomechanic fields, thus ensuring a reduction in times and, above all, resources. At the end of the preliminary study phase we are able to start a prototyping stage of the product of interest, allowing the customer to get quickly in his hands an optical system fully customized and ready to use, that can be immediately developed and industrialized on a large scale.

Beyond these customizable objectives, Tecnottica allows you to choose from a constantly updated catalogue a series of ready-to-use commercial objectives. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further informations or further details regarding these type of products, we will be happy to answer to any of your questions and guide you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.

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