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Achromatic doublets and triplets

Achromatic doublets, or achromats, and achromatic triplets are made from acombination of two and three lenses respectively. Doublets are generally composed by a positive and a negative lenses optically cemented or glued together, and realized with optical glasses with different refractive index and different dispersion values. The combinations of two or more materials are chosen such that the chromatic aberration is canceled for at least two specific wavelength. The quality of the results is a direct function of the materials used, the radii of curvature assigned, the apertures of the lenses and the average magnification ratios used.

Tecnottica Consonni is able to provide to its customer high quality doublets and triplets, optimized by a suitable optical CAD software, depending on specific requirements. Even in this case, Tecnottica made possible the construction of achromatic doublets and triplets with different combinations of optical glasses and with Anti-Reflection coatings optimized for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near infrared (NIR and SWIR) and other bands of your choice.

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