2022: A Great Financial Year That Leads To Expansion Objectives For 2023 - Tecnottica Consonni

2022: A Great Financial Year That Leads To Expansion Objectives For 2023

24 Jan 2023

A full-year growth for Tecnottica Consonni, the family business based in Calco, and specialized in the customization of precision Optics for Industry, Machine Vision, Biomedical and Aerospace.


In 2022, Tecnottica’s revenues reached 6.3 million euros that represents an increase of +30% (+1.6 million euros) year over year. The growth was driven by the market segment of Precision Optics, which grew by 0.8 million euros, and Coating, which rose by 0.4 million euros.


In line with full-year objectives this growth was mainly driven by Europe and USA markets where the active customer base continues to increase.


“2022 was an incredible year! – said Angelo Fasoli, CSO of the Company – We want now to start this year having in mind what drove us to such an exciting growth and put the basis for expanding our capabilities and presence in the markets that will drive the next Photonics revolutions”. “In the 2023 financial year, we are assessing expansion in Canada and Northern Europe with the goal to repeat, and hopefully, improve what we did in 2022. At the same time, we continue to add to production, especially to the surface treatment, new resources”.


The management has already planned huge investments in new technologies and training to reduce production times, increase professional skills and improve service.


Tecnottica enters the 2023 financial year in great shape strategically, operationally and financially, and well prepared to manage next year objectives.