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Budget 2021: Tecnottica increases the fleet of machines

14 Jan 2022

Despite the difficulties of the last two years, linked to the pandemic that has inevitably affected the global market, Tecnottica has decided to invest to further expand its fleet.

After the purchase in 2020 of the two machineries for processing optics with diameters up to 310mm, an investment aimed at satisfying new demands from the aerospace and "security and defense" market, a few weeks ago the production department purchased a new centering machine for precision optics: the Optotech ZM200 CNC.

The machine is able to center circular optics with diameters up to 300mm with an accuracy of +/- 1 micron on the diameter measurement and +/- 5 arcsec on the centering of the optical axis and is equipped with a new system capable of automatically aligning the lens thus managing to obtain greater precision.

It is also possible to shape various form in addition to the classic circular lenses, thus expanding the offer that Tecnottica is able to offer its customers.

The need for this new investment arises in response to the growing demands of the precision optics sector on which about 50% of Tecnottica's turnover now depends.

The remaining part is made up for 44% of commercial optics, a “historical” sector for Tecnottica since the company was born in 1957 and the remaining 6% which derives from the molding of plastic optics.

In fact, in 2021 Tecnottica had a growth in turnover of + 50% compared to 2020 (undoubtedly a particular year) and + 30% compared to 2019 with a foreign share of 40%.