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Raw Glasses shortage?

08 Mar 2023

Come and visit MEETOPTICS, we are one of their 40 trusted Optics suppliers, and we can provide you small blocks of glasses.



MEETOPTICS is a specialized Optics and Photonics search engine for off-the-shelf products in the market. Manufacturers, Companies, Researchers, and Universities can search, compare and find optics and photonics components filtering them by their technical specifications, and they can buy directly from verified and highly specialized optical and photonics manufacturers worldwide.

In their website we are listed as one of custom suppliers for all types of spherical and aspherical lenses, prisms, optical filters, optical mirrors, light guides and ball lenses with dimensions ranging from 2 mm up to 400 mm. We also offer a wide range of complementary services, like the application of many different type of coating, the optomechanical design and assembly of complete systems, plus the prototyping of small quantities. Moreover we are suppliers of various types of cut glass blocks.


raw glasses


Optical Raw Glasses


As manufacturers of custom precision optics, we always keep a stock of glass blocks of every type and specification to meet even the most specific and last-minute requests. In the past two years, due to a shortage of raw materials, manufacturers have delayed the melting of glass, resulting in waiting times of several months up to a year. We were proactive in stocking up to prevent post-pandemic shortages, and today we have a well-stocked warehouse to meet any glass demand and provide the requested or equivalent glass.


We have a well-stocked warehouse with almost all the glasses listed in the OHARA, SCHOTT, CDGM catalogs. If we don’t have the requested ones, we usually have an equivalent glass produced by another supplier, and we help customers identify the equivalent glass. Additionally, we can cut the blocks internally, so we are independent for cutting.


The advantage for those who search on Meetoptics is the possibility of ordering even small quantities, for example to manufacture prototypes or a few pieces. The major suppliers require a minimum order to purchase, equal to several kilograms, which would result in a significant cost and high waste for producing just a few pieces.


Raw Glasses


The service offered by Meetoptics is something that was missing in the optics market, and the search for optics and components is now less time-consuming than ever,” said Francesca Brambilla, Technical Manager at Tecnottica Consonni. “With a guaranteed reply within 1-2 working days and direct contact with the right manufacturer or technology consultant for each project, a rapid solution is assured. We are proud to be one of the 40 selected suppliers of Meetoptics approved by the photonics community.”


Meetoptics not only offers a wide range of raw materials treated and optimized to create optical components such as lenses, windows, prisms, and to be used in opto-electronics, photography, medical equipment and other optical applications, but also components and systems for any application.


Visit the web site of Meetoptics: https://www.meetoptics.com/


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