Turnover has grown thanks to foreign markets - Tecnottica Consonni

Turnover has grown thanks to foreign markets

16 Feb 2022

The newspaper La Provincia di Lecco talks about Tecnottica.
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Turnover has grown thanks to foreign markets-The leap of Tecnottica Consonni in the course of 2021.

Export quotas grow for Tecnottica Consonni, a company based in Calco with 31 employees specialized in precision optics intended mainly for aerospace. Today the company has "significantly exceeded the turnover levels achieved in pre-Covid 2019," says the company's Technical Manager, Angelo Fasoli.
Turnover went from 3.7 million in 2019 to 3.1 million in 2020, "a rather limited decline - says Fasoli - compared to what was happening in that year due to the pandemic". Then, 2021, with a jump to 4.7 million euros, and this beginning of 2022 which records new growth.
In particular, the share of exports is rising, which in the preliminary 2022 data stands at 45%, from 39% in 2021, a year which recorded ten points more than the 29% share in 2019.
Also for exports, 2020 marked a decline but of only 4 points compared to the previous year, reaching 25%.

"The year of Covid - adds Fasoli - had penalized us a bit, but already from 2021 we are in a major recovery. We are concentrating a lot on Research and Sales, two weeks ago we participated in a big exhibition in the United States and without a doubt it is a strategic choice for us to devote important resources to the development of production of vision and control systems for aerospace». It is the defense sector, which in this case concerns ground control systems, image acquisitions for military surveillance, for which Tecnottica Consonni supplies large players who participate directly in international tenders, taking over as their supplier.

France, Germany, the United States are, in order, the main markets of the company, which is also developing orders in Canada, Latvia and Norway.

Fortunately - adds Fasoli - our sector suffers little from the difficulties of sourcing raw materials. There are optical materials that record very inconsistent supplies, but we have always managed to find alternatives by mutual agreement with customers ». And the warehouse stocks have done their part: «In the last few years - adds Fasoli - we have kept good stocks and we have implemented them when we have seen that difficulties began to arise on the market. Stocks that have proved to be fundamental in the last 4-5 months.

Of course, the battle over prices also involves Tecnottica: «All the price lists have increased and we are looking for solutions with customers from time to time. In 2022 it will not be possible to maintain the price lists of last year, we must mediate and accept even a little reduction in margins". Given the intense activity of foreign inter-exchange, Tecnottica has the good fortune to manage components of low weights and volumes, which allow them to be sent by plane ". That, in any case entails significant increases but allows to remedy the delivery delay compared to shipments by ship. However, some large purchases of material are sent to us by ship and we are now within 10 months as delivery times ».