Internal mechanical workshop - Tecnottica Consonni

Internal mechanical workshop

08 Sep 2021

Tecnottica's mechanical workshop allows us to guarantee production times and maximum efficiency in responding promptly to customer needs.

The realization of customized optics and optical systems require ad hoc equipment and supports, for this reason Tecnottica has over the years structured an internal mechanical workshop.
This department was in fact decisive in defining the technology specialization on customized productions.

Tecnottica works closely with its customers, creating specific products modeled according to the needs and qualities required.


The realization of special receptions and polishing tools are functional to the production of the lenses and the ability to make them internally allows us to respond promptly to customer requests.

The possibilty to independently produce the tools necessary to create a specific lens, allows the company to have control over the entire production process.


The rapidity of response in the creation of special optics and optical systems is a distinctive feature of Tecnottica.

Tecnottica is able to provide specific advice in optical and opto-mechanical design and in the engineering of individual optical elements and complete optical systems, managing also the analysis and combined design of the mechanical parts to be combined with the optical elements.
In the implementation phase of the projects, what distinguishes Tecnottica is the ability to act quickly thanks to the internal production of the supports and mechanical equipment, necessary for the production of the finished optical systems.

This autonomy of action is also fundamental in ensuring an efficient, quality prototyping service, and above all able to satisfy the need to have a product to be tested in the shortest possible time.

Tecnottica's working method is the result of a continuous improvement of the different process phases, to guarantee customers maximum precision and a service that is as fast and complete as possible.