We always invest with Industry 4.0 - Tecnottica Consonni

We always invest with Industry 4.0

26 Jul 2021

The newspaper La Provincia di Lecco talks about Tecnottica, the investments made in an Industry 4.0 logic and oriented towards greater sustainability of business processes.
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We always invest with Industry 4.0 savings resources

Towards certification

Tecnottica Consonni is renovating plants and organization from an environmental point of view.

«For us it is a constant move forward in technological investments - says Angelo Fasoli, technical manager of the company based in Calco, specialized in precision optics -. A new machine will arrive in November, an investment of around 300 thousand euros, and we are already thinking about the 2022 budget to plan an investment that will be approximately of equal value ».

Investments that come after the installation, in 2020, of a production line for astronomy and aerospace optics and which has opened the doors to new foreign markets.

The company is replacing a series of analog systems with machinery that allows a company connection in Industry 4.0. In addition to this, from September it will start an experimentation for the reduction of the use of paper.


Fasoli explains that now in daily activity a system is followed in which the list of instructions with the outline of the production steps, the description of the systems to be built, and setup and technical information are given on paper to the workers. The experimentation will consist in giving 2-3 workers in a specific department the indications on tablets where they will be able to view the related production sheets, have access to the drawings, but, above all, this will allow to monitor in real time the production status. If it works, the system will be extended to all employees in every department.

«With this greater integration with the IT system, the operator interacts with our central system to update it and to find out where the work is at. This - adds Fasoli - will ensure that a customer will not have to call or write to be updated, but will be able to access an overview of the situation. In addition to better operations, we thus also obtain the elimination of paper, which for us has a significant impact ». This is in addition to the ongoing initiatives for the ISO14001 certification for the management of the company in the environmental sense, certification that should be ready at the beginning of 2022.

«Our whole company - concludes Fasoli - is moving in the direction of environmental protection, with 4.0 investments that also intersect with green objectives, given that the new machines have an optimized energy consumption compared to the previous ones. Our business does not release polluting emissions and we do not have much impacting waste on the environment ».