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Internally created skills

11 May 2021

The competence and experience of Tecnottica operators are one of the strengths of the company and have been built over the course of six decades of activity.

Over the last years, the need to implement a generational change of Tecnottica’s production area and the lack of a specific training school for operators specialized in optical processing, has forced the company to create and adopt an internal procedure for the insertion of new staff.

The high skills of Tecnottica workers require a long training and mentoring process, so that the particular knowledge and experience necessary to perform complex processes are acquired by new operators under the supervision of colleagues with more experience.

The training of the new staff members lasts 3 years and is focused on the search for maximum precision as an element that characterizes each production phase.

The training process of all operators, on the other hand, never ends, with the renewal of equipment and the introduction of new technologies to improve process performance and expand the range of products and services.

Today Tecnottica can count on a team of young and experienced workers, with an average age of less than 40 years but with full mastery of the skills acquired by the company in over sixty years of activity and an innovative approach in testing and introducing new technologies and equipment.

The hiring of the new Tecnottica staff follows a mentoring process to ensure the acquisition of specific skills in the production of precision optics: our team has an eye for precision!