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Maximum precision on large diameters

07 Apr 2021

The latest investments made by Tecnottica were aimed at expanding the fleet of machines for the production of lenses with diameters up to 350 mm.

The introduction of a Schneider SLG 301 and a Schneider SLP 301 in the machine park, ideal for the generation and polishing of optics with diameters up to 350mm, is a choice driven by the growing demand of the aerospace and astronomy sectors for large optics with maximum precision.

Schneider SLG 301 | Benefits

  • Production of spherical optics components with extended capacities for the machining of plates, prisms and special geometries
  • High quality and precision of shape
  • Automated multi-step processing
  • Computer assisted setup
  • Integrated process control for high stability
  • Intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostics

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Tecnottica enhances production, keeping a firm focus on precision as a distinctive feature of each of its processes.

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Schneider SLP 301 | Benefits

  • Polishing of spherical lenses
  • High quality and precision of shape
  • Flexible processing of small and medium-sized batches
  • Multi-step processing with individual parameters
  • High process stability
  • Fast, accurate and reliable configuration via Auto Teaching
  • Intelligent analysis system with remote diagnostics

The process of generating and polishing the lenses created with the new machines is characterized by numerous quality controls, both on the machine and in the metrology room.

The guarantee of maximum precision of the final result starts from the raw material, through the total traceability of the lot used for processing.

During the generation of the surface, the geometric, surface and cosmetic characteristics of the lens being processed are measured and their compliance is verified through the lens master.

After the polishing phase, performed with the polishing tool made in the internal mechanical workshop, a quality control is performed in the metrology department integrated into the production area.