Tecnottica Consonni Grows - Tecnottica Consonni

Tecnottica Consonni Grows

23 Feb 2021

The global scenario of 2020 did not slow down the growth of Tecnottica, which confirmed the investments planned to expand its offer by strenghtening the production, design and customer care departments.

Despite the difficulties related to the pandemic, Tecnottica continued the investment planned at the end of 2019 and materialized in 2020 by adding to its fleet of machines a Schneider SLG 301 and a Schneider SLP 301, ideal for processing large optics with diameters up to 310mm.

The decision to invest meeting the growing demands of the aerospace and astronomy sector has proved effective.

The increased production capacity and the opening of new market segments have also required new investments in the expansion of the company staff, which in 2020 grew by 15%.

The new staff resources have been integrated into different departments, first of all to support production, but at the same time to expand the optical and mechanical design section and to ensure excellent after-sales assistance.

Tecnottica grows and evolves, maintaining its focus on precision as a distinctive feature of each of its processes.