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A better and more complete service

02 Feb 2021

In over sixty years of activity in the field of industrial optics, we have refined our experience and skills to offer an always better and more complete service.

Tecnottica’s main activity is the production of lenses and optical components, which involves many application sectors (from biomedical to aerospace) and is therefore extremely various and complex.
Starting from glass or plastic materials, Tecnottica manufactures a wide range of polished and finished optical components, working with the highest precision all the main transparent materials in the visible, UV and IR regions.

To respond effectively to customer needs, the variety of services to complete the offer has been integrared over the years.

Tecnottica is able to provide specific advice in the optical and opto-mechanical design and in the engineering of individual optical elements and complete optical systems, accompanied by an accurate analysis of the tolerances and, when required, by an aid also for the combined analysis and design of the mechanical parts to be arranged with the optical elements.

Oriented towards research and innovation, Tecnottica also supports its customers in the development of new projects, providing an efficient quality prototyping service to satisfy the customer’s need to have a product to be tested in the shortest time possible.

Among the most requested complementary services:

  • assembly and certification of finished optical elements and systems;
  • support, construction and finishing of molds for plastic optics;
  • production of supports and mechanical equipment in plastic materials, aluminium and numerous other materials, to allow the housing and integration of any optical element.

We grow with our customers, researching and developing for maximum precision in optical system.