We have an eye for precision - Tecnottica Consonni

We have an eye for precision

20 Jan 2021

Tecnottica has made precision its strong point: we have an eye for precision.

Tecnottica Consonni has been specialized for more than 60 years in the production of optical parts and components, both in glass and plastic and in the design and development of complete optical systems.

The range of products created is wide in both imaging and lighting fields, and includes spherical and aspherical lenses, achromatic doublets and triplets, objectives and optical systems, Fresnel lenses, cylindrical lenses, optical mirrors and reflectors, light guides, prisms, filters, plane optics and plastic optics.

Tecnottica has made precision its strong point that characterize all his products.

What characterizes all the products is the maximum precision of the final result, achieved thanks to a process tested and refined over the years.

The complete traceability of each production batch and the constant quality control in the process phases are the first tool to guarantee maximum precision.

During the processing cycle, the geometric, surface and cosmetic characteristics of the products under construction are measured.

Quality control in the various process phases, makes use of the metrology department integrated into the production area, essential to provide a guarantee of the highest quality for the customer.

The working method developed in over six decades of activity is constantly evolved and refined thanks to the introduction of new processing and measurement tools, with the primary purpose of guaranteeing Tecnottica’s customers products of the highest precision.