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The Evolution of a Family Artisan Business into an International Manufacturer of Precision Optics

17 Nov 2023

Angelo Fasoli, Chief Sales Officer of Tecnottica, detailed the evolution of the Company during an interview with La Provincia, a historic local Italian newspaper, and during the event organized by Confartigianato Lombardia: “IMPRONTE D’IMPRESA. Un’identità d’avanguardia per le PMI”.

Angelo shared how Tecnottica has evolved over the years and highlighted the milestones that have primarily contributed to this evolution: product Research and Development, Internationalization, and Sustainability.

Evento Confartigianato


“I am proud to share the extraordinary history and evolution of our Company,” says Angelo. “We are the third generation carrying on my grandfather’s legacy since 1957. Our Company has gone through many phases of growth and development but has always maintained its artisanal identity, a characteristic that makes us unique in our industry.

Over the years, we have grown and transformed from a small laboratory producing simple optical components to a SME manufacturing precision optical components and systems, internationally recognized by key market players. This change has been possible due to our ability to adapt to market changes and the growing needs of our customers.”





From Commercial Optics to Precision Optics

Initially, the production focused on relatively simple optical components made of plastic, produced in large quantities for commercial purposes, mainly with applications in magnification.

Over the years, they have undergone significant transformations, and today Tecnottica is specialized in producing optical components for high-precision imaging systems, such as industrial cameras. “This change has been possible thanks to our adaptability.The market evolves, and so do we“. Said Angelo.

To keep pace with this rapidly evolving industry, the Company have made significant investments in precision machinery and cutting-edge equipment. These investments have allowed Tecnottica to further enhance the quality and efficiency of production processes, ensuring that products meet customer expectations.

Additionally, “we have recognized the importance of continuous training and the development of our team. We have invested in staff training, enabling them to acquire specialized skills in the fields of Optics, Photonics, and Coating. This has allowed us to maintain a highly qualified staff and tackle ever-new challenges with expertise and creativity”.

However, the commitment to remaining up-to-date and aiming for excellence does not stop here. “We continue to explore collaboration opportunities with research institutions and universities to stay updated on the latest innovations and trends in the industry”.




Another crucial step in our evolution has been internationalization.

From the beginning, my grandfather had a broad vision for the Company’s future, driving us to seek opportunities beyond national borders. Today, we proudly have a strong presence in internationally significant projects”.

In the interview, Angelo declared that his goal was to export: Once I became aware of the quality of our products, I started attending trade fairs in Europe and the United States. My mother used to tell us to stay grounded, to take one step at a time, but I always dared because, in reality, I felt that I had the support of a Company that was already solid when I joined. Instead, my mom and my aunt had to face uncertainties and a lack of liquidity.”

Today, Tecnottica exports to France, Germany, the United States, and this year, for the first time, it will exceed 50% in exports; in 2011, it was at 3%.

And from raw materials to the final treatment, it manages the entire production cycle in-house.

The Company continue to work on this front, engaging in collaborations and partnerships with companies and institutions worldwide. The involvement in projects funded by the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA) has been an extraordinary achievement. These projects have even allowed Tecnottica to contribute to NASA’s space missions, an endeavor that was unimaginable when the founder (Angelo’s grandfather) started the Company.

“I believe my grandfather was incredibly forward-thinking in creating a product that has successfully adapted to changes over the years, embracing the opportunity to operate on an international scale. His vision laid the foundation for our ongoing commitment to exploring new challenges and opportunities beyond national borders. We are proud to continue carrying forward this legacy, looking to the future with determination and an open mind”.



Sustainability and Certifications

Tecnottica’s investment choices is moving towards environmental conservation, with investments in high technology that also align with green objectives, given that the new machinery has optimized energy consumption compared to its predecessors. In terms of environmental considerations, Tecnottica has initiated an experiment by incorporating the use of tablets in the Company to reduce paper usage in its daily activities, still managed in some phases with a traditional system.

Another step contributing to our evolution involves sustainability and related certifications, shaping our entrepreneurial journey. Over time, I have personally experienced how certifications have opened new opportunities for Tecnottica in specific sectors and contexts”.

“My career in the family business began in 2011, and those who came before me were visionary, as the Company had already obtained ISO 9001 certification for the quality management system in 2000. Certifications have proven essential for my entrepreneurial journey.

In 2021, we expanded our commitment with ISO 14001 certification, focusing on environmental management. This move has been a significant catalyst, especially when developing projects abroad”.

Certifications have reviewed the way the Company operates and interacts with clients, particularly with major international players.

Thanks to certifications, foreign clients have a clear understanding of how Tecnottica works, how it can deliver products, and the sustainability commitments. This has greatly streamlined the initial stages of meetings and negotiations, allowing them to move directly to the project realization phase and beneficial collaboration.

“I believe certifications have been fundamental to the Company’s growth and success. Not only they have opened new market opportunities, but also strengthened our reputation as a Company committed to sustainability and quality.



My grandfather’s legacy lives on through us, and we are excited to continue evolving, growing, and facing new challenges. We are aware that the future will require further adjustments and investments. However, we are ready to constantly challenge limits and overcome any obstacles that arise. Looking ahead, I am motivated to explore additional opportunities and continue evolving our journey. Our story of adaptability and progress continues, and we are thrilled to share our journey with you”.


Angelo Fasoli, Chief Sales Officer, Tecnottica.