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Convex and concave meniscus lenses mcx-mcc

Meniscus lenses are divided into positive and negative: both are distinguished from other lenses since, by definition, have a convex surface and a concave surface. These lenses are often used to shorten or lengthen the focal length of an optical system that already exists. In addition, meniscus lenses can be properly designed so that they does not introduce any further aberrations - like spherical and coma - in the existing optical system in which they are inserted. In the latter case they are called aplanatic lenses.

Tecnottica Consonni guarantees the realization of  meniscus lenses in different optical glasses and with the usual Anti-Reflection coatings optimized for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), near infrared (NIR and SWIR) and other wavelengths or bandwidths chosen by the customer.

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